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What sparked your interest in photography? I used to do a lot of hiking, and I had always admired long exposure waterfall and river shots. For years I didn’t understand how photographers made shots like that happen. I wanted to have a go, but never had the gear or knowledge. I’ve always loved beautiful landscape photographs – I can remember as a kid looking at pictures of the famous Lake Matheson on a biscuit tin and thinking how magical it was.

How long have you been shooting for? I’d had a largish APSC camera for years but never bothered to use it properly. I purchased a mirrorless camera in late 2015, so that it would be light and easy to take hiking. I decided at that point I wanted to learn how to use it properly and then it all snowballed from there!

What is your favourite type of photography?

My passion is landscape photography. I love that this interest takes me to all these beautiful places, and I can create and keep memories through my photographs. It’s really lovely when people tell me that one of my photos reminds me of positive experiences they have had in NZ, either growing up or on holiday here.

What is in your camera bag?

I upgraded my gear a couple of years ago. I now have the Sony A7Riii, 16-35 GM lens, 24-70 GM lens and the 70-200 F4 lens. I have also recently purchased the 24mm F1.2 GM lens but haven’t had a chance to use it yet due to NZ having recently been in Covid-19 lockdown. I use a Sirui tripod and NiSi filters. I seem to have so much other stuff in my bag too – batteries, remote timers, cleaning kits, first aid kit, mini umbrella etc etc. My bag is much heavier than I would like it to be! What would your dream kit be?

Honestly I feel pretty lucky because I have some amazing gear. I wouldn’t say no to the Sony A7Riv though, and at some point I would also like a longer lens. I would also love a drone, but restrictions in NZ are very tight and so I’ve not thought the investment worth it.

What software do you use to process your images?

Almost exclusively Lightroom but I do a little in Photoshop also – mainly for things like focus stacking. There are a couple of other programmes I am keen to try as well, but haven’t had a chance yet as life gets in the way at times.

Who are you top 3 photography inspirations?

Can I have about ten?!? Through photography I have crossed paths with so many people who have inspired me in different ways and each has had a little bit of impact on my own photography. However, if I go right back to when I started out, I would say that the books of NZ icons like Craig Potton and Andris Apse really motivated me to have a go. Then, when I started looking at images online, I came across Todd and Sarah Sisson. I loved their style of photography and my own has developed in a similar way. I still have many of their photos saved in a folder I call “Inspiration Shots”. What are you top 3 bucket list locations you want to shoot?

Slovenia & Croatia in autumn, Norway and Greenland in winter and I would love to go back to Switzerland/Austria/Italy again for all the mountains. Managed to work 7 locations into that question. :)

What are you social media handles?

@laurie_winter on Instagram @lauriewinterphotography on Facebook


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