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In Focus Women In Profile - Vanessa Rossi


What sparked your interest in photography?

I’ve always appreciated the art of photography and favoured being behind the camera rather than in front to it. I dabbled with shooting on film and developing in a darkroom many years back. I got caught up on shooting on smartphones until last year when I finally purchased my first DSLR camera and I haven’t looked back. My initial motivation to learn photography was to capture exotic wildlife while travelling Africa last year. Along the way I quickly fell in love with landscape photography and long exposure. I have found some moments challenging yet I remember the secret is patience. I’m proud of my learning so far and always take a moment to appreciate my surrounding of subject before capturing it.

How long have you been shooting for?

I have been shooting with a DSLR for 18 months.

What is your favourite type of photography?

I love capturing wildlife and landscapes. I also enjoy shooting seascapes, nature and the moon.

What is in your camera bag?

I carry a Shimoda Explorer bag with a Canon 80D, 17-35mm f 2.8, 24-105mm 3.5-5.6 and 100-400mm 4.5-6.3. I get most use of my 24-105 for landscapes and telephoto lens for wildlife and moon shoots. I carry NiSI V6 filter system with a polariser, 6 &10 stop ND filters plus and graduated filters and natural night filter. A Sirui travel carbon fibre tripod AM-284 with A-10R ballhead helps me out too. I bring along my DJI Mini 2 drone and Go-Pro Hero 8 with me when I think there will be use for them. You’ll also find in my bag spare batteries and SD card. Sensible me will try to keep Aeroguard in the bags. I am often the first person out to complain about getting bitten by mozzies, also sunnies and sunscreen and snacks cause I’m always eating!

What would your dream kit be?

I’m pretty happy with what I have now for the level I’m at but I definitely would love to upgrade to mirrorless, Canon R5 would be a dream but I’ll be over the moon with an R6, particularly for the amazing technology with animal eye tracking and ability to capture very well in low light conditions. When I eventually do some international travel and safaris I would love to rent a 600mm or 800mm prime lens. That would be amazing!

What software do you use to process your images?

I use Lightroom Classic predominately and sometimes do minimal edits to finish the image in Photoshop. Both are very powerful programs but I honestly find Photoshop a little overwhelming and I would like to find some time to dabble with it a more.

Who are your top 3 photography inspirations?

This is a tough one as I have so many for both landscape and wildlife! But I would have to go with Michele Bavassano @michele_bavassano and Martin Meyer @martinmyer_wild for wildlife and Allysha Cartledge @ally.photog for Australian drone landscapes and marine life.

What are your top 3 bucket list locations you want to shoot?

Southern and Eastern African counties, Antartica and Canadian rockies.

What advice would give a beginner?

Get out and shoot as often as possible. Don’t be discouraged or frustrated if all the conditions don’t line up or you miss the shot you want, practice makes progress and anyone can have a bad day. Plan and prepare and remember to carry a spare SD card and fully charged battery!

What are your social media handles?

Instagram is @sabiv.images

Facebook is Vanessa Rossi


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