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In Focus Women In Profile - Joey C


What sparked your interest in photography? I’m not sure about a spark as such but there was something about photography from a young age. I started with the Kodak film cameras when I was in primary school and would take photos on school camps of everyone and everything. It was a privilege to have access to them back in the day and I know looking back that it definitely forms part of my story.  Moving forward to high school, I was the one who’d bring a digital camera to parties or take snapshots of my family on holidays. It was all just for fun. 

I suppose it wasn’t until I travelled overseas for the first time in 2014 that I really started taking a proper interest. There was something about capturing those moments that triggered  something inside of me that made me want to explore more.  My parents had a Ken Duncan panograph of Whitehaven Beach on the wall in their room and I would always look at it in absolute awe. His photograph still lures me in to this day.  How long have you been shooting for? I’d say 5-6 years with a proper interest. 

I shot with my iPhone and a Nikon coolpix on my first couple of overseas trips. Once that enjoyment of photography was burning inside of me I made an effort to explore more of Victoria and capture images closer to home.

  I learned how to do long exposure on the phone and was always so grateful when I’d capture waterfalls in the Otways with that silky flow.

At that point I launched my Instagram page wanting to share photos with people outside of my personal bubble.

  For Christmas in 2017 my partner Jarrad bought me a Nikon D5600 that I didn’t take out of the box until around March the next year. 

I was really nervous to begin with because a DSLR required a lot more knowledge and I didn’t have that confidence. 

It took me quite a while to understand settings and what you should and shouldn’t do. We visited Iceland in 2018 and I’d look back at all my settings and just shake my head. I thought I knew it all. And I really didn’t. 

That was kind of a turning point and over time I found information on websites, I watched YouTube videos and spoke (annoyed haha) to a lot of local photographers who helped share their knowledge.

  I still have so much to learn but knowing where I’ve come from, I’m thankful that I can now be that person to help those just starting out.   What is your favourite type of photography? Landscape would definitely be my favourite. Whether it’s waterfalls, mountains or sunrises and sunsets, there is just something about capturing nature. Being outside in the fresh air, exploring new places. It just brings me so much joy. It’s also the only time you’ll see me out of bed when it’s still dark!

I’m also a huge fan of long exposure! 

What is in your camera bag? I’ve got two F stop bags (so good for photography and hiking combined!) One is a Tilopa and the other is a Kashmir UL.  Inside I have my Nikon D5600 with 18-55mm and 55-200mm kit lenses.  I’ve got a Nikon AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.8g lens coming soon.  My go to for astro is the Irix 15mm f/2.4 Firefly which helped to capture the Northern Lights in 2018. Thanks tax man for that one! 

Tripod of choice is a Sirui A-1205 carbon fibre with Y-11 ball head and convertible monopod leg. Dale and Karlie of DK Photography organised it for me so I’ll treasure it pretty dearly.  In terms of filters I’ve got a Nisi V5 holder with CPL and Sirui ND and Grad square filters. Sirui even sent through a gasket because I’d realised I needed one for the set up. I haven’t used it much yet but looking forward to learning their system. 

I’ve also got Gobe circular CPL and ND filters which I love. They plant 5 trees for every filter sale.  What would your dream kit be? I’m certainly grateful for what I already have however if I could have a dream kit it would be a full frame camera and lenses. I’m pretty set on the Nikon life but things may change over time. 

I’d like to get better with what I’ve already got before I try and change things.  One addition to the dream kit would be an Aquatech housing for the camera. I’d love to get underwater. 

I also wouldn’t say no to having a drone either. There are so many inspiring aerial photographers so I’d absolutely love to have a go myself.  What software do you use to process your images? I use Adobe Lightroom for post processing. I’m forever learning and trying not to overdo it too much from the original. 

One of my goals is to develop a style that’s consistent with all my images. That when people view the image they know it’s captured by me. Who are your top 3 photography inspirations? Number 1. Dale and Karlie. DK Photography. Before Dale’s sudden passing, I would constantly pop up in their messages asking for advice on edits and to chat all things photography. They are genuinely inspiring people as well as photographers. As I mentioned earlier, they even helped me with the purchase of the tripod I still use today. It was a a bit of a running joke that when I eventually got married that Dale and Karlie would come down and shoot it. I’m still keen to see that through one day.  Number 2. Craig Richards. Genuinely one of the nicest guys in photography. Craig is based out of Warrnambool and has all the time in the world to give to people. He’s another one who I’ve always been able to message and ask for advice. He’s a lot of fun to go shooting with and he’s got the Great Ocean Road well and truly covered. Never a dull moment with Craig.  I can’t really pick a stand out 3rd so honourable mentions to Adam Reynard, Ben Broady, Charlotte & James Maddock, Ken Duncan, Lauren Bath, Hamish Stubbs, Steph Vella, Brad Longworth, Susan Zentay, Tom Noske, Phil de Glanville and Matt & Renee Hahnel. I know it’s a little lacking, but hopefully in a couple of years time with help from this awesome platform there will be a lot more females on this list. I’ve come across so many inspiring female photographers recently and I can’t wait to see their work going forward. 

What are you top 3 bucket list locations you want to shoot? Antarctica, Greenland and New Zealand. We were meant to be in Queenstown in October this year but our time will come. Covid won’t win this round!  What are you social media handles? Come and say hello, I’m always up for a chat! (I really wrote a lot for this so clearly I talk a lot haha)  Instagram @jc_adventure_images Facebook @jc.adventure.images 


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