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IN FOCUS WOMEN IN PROFILE - Dani Lefrancois, Canada

What sparked your interest in photography?

My interest in photography was first sparked when I was a kid. We would go on family road trips every summer around Ontario and down east. I loved taking and looking through the photographs and remembering all the adventures we went on. The beautiful Canadian landscape really inspired me to take photos.

How long have you been shooting for?

I have been really shooting for about 18 years now. 

What is your favourite type of photography?   

My favourite type of photography is landscape and nature photography. I have dipped my toe in almost every type of photography and I found I am most passionate and creative when I am shooting landscapes. 

What is in your camera bag?   

I have a fairly small simple camera kit. I shoot with a Canon 5D4 & 5D3, Canon 16-35 f2.8 II, Canon 70-200 f4 and a Canon 100-400 f4.5-5.6 IS MK1.

What would your dream kit be?   

I pretty much have my dream kit, but I would really love a Leica M Monochrom. I had a client who had one and I have been wanting one ever since.

What software do you use to process your images?   

I use a combination of Lightroom Classic and Photoshop to process my photos. It's about 75% Lightroom and 25% Photoshop.

Who are your top 3 photography inspirations?   

Three people whose work I admire most are Viktoria Haack for the amazing and unique way she can look at a scene and capture something no one else could. Paul Zizka for his ability to always discover new places and is always pushing the composition envelope. Cath Simard for her way of creating images with her own unique vision.

What are your top 3 bucket list locations you want to shoot?   

There are so many beautiful places to photograph around the world. I would love to see more places within Canada like the high arctic in Labrador, Yukon and NWT. Outside of Canada I really want to photograph Scotland and maybe learn more about my ancestry. I would also love to visit the Faroe Islands. 

What are your social media handles?   

Instagram is @danibanff

Facebook is @photographybydani


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